Boba Shop Profile: New Tapioca Master

New Tapioca Master is a boba shop based in Houston, Texas, that has long maintained a 5-star Yelp rating. They offer boba tea, bubble waffles, slushies, coffee and more. Bitsy Boba interviewed Linh Dao to find out more about the shop she co-owns with Chuan Huang.

Brightly colored bubble tea at New Tapioca Master

Bitsy Boba: Why did you decide to open a boba shop?
New Tapioca Master: We took over the business about a year ago. We chose to open a boba shop because we both thought it was a very fun and exciting business to get into. Being able to create new and interesting food/drinks for our customers to try gives us great satisfaction. We both find joy in working here so sometimes it doesn’t even seem like work. 

BB: What do you enjoy most about running your shop?
NTM: We enjoy watching customers’ reactions and receiving positive feedback from our customers after they have tried our products. We also love seeing returning faces because that means we did something right. 

New Tapioca Master Thai Milk Boba Tea

BB: Do you have an interesting fact or story you would like people to know about your shop?
NTM: We are a small local business owned by women. Our store has held a 5-star rating on Yelp for 5 consecutive years. One of the very few boba shops in Houston to receive such a rating. We are very proud and thankful to our loyal customers for that. It is also one of the reasons why we chose this store. 

Vanilla Latte at New Tapioca Master

BB: What's your favorite item from your menu?
NTM: My favorite item on the menu would have to brown sugar milk tea or vanilla cappuccino. These two have just the right about of sweet and caffeine to get me through the day! They are also very popular amongst our customers. 

BB: What experience do you hope your customers have by visiting your shop? 
NTM: We hope our customers can leave our shop feeing happy and satisfied at all times. We strive to serve them with the best drinks we can create and deliver the best service we can provide, always. 

New Tapioca Master Boba Shop in Texas

To learn more about New Tapioca Master, visit their website  and follow them on Instagram (@newtapiocamaster).

Photos courtesy of New Tapioca Master.

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