Boba Shop Profile: Milkyway Tea House, Home of the Boba Float™

Milkyway Tea House near Downey, California, is home to the Boba Float™. If you're a cereal killer like us, your mouth will water over the cereal and boba ice cream floats you can get from Milkyway.

Boba and Ice Cream Cereal Floats at Milkyway Tea House

Bitsy Boba interviewed the owners to learn more about their story.

Bitsy Boba: Why did you decide to open a boba shop?
Milkyway Tea House: We started our boba journey back in 2015 as an idea and in 2016 we made it happen. We started the business because we love boba and we would drive to different places just to get boba. We would go from L.A. to Pasadena and sometimes a little bit farther. We loved the fact that it brought friends and family together so that’s where the idea sparked up.

Boba Ice Cream Floats at Milkyway Tea House

BB: What do you enjoy most about running your shop?
MTH: What I enjoy most about running the shop is serving our community and seeing customers coming in happy and excited to get their favorite drink with us or even when they are new customers, they come in joyful and leaving satisfied because we met their expectations or sometimes even more. So definitely the experience of just serving the Milkyway fam is what we enjoy the most.

BB: What separates your bubble tea shop from others? 
MTH: I believe what separates us from other boba tea shops is, first and foremost, we are a Christian faith based business. We take pride in what we serve and also being able to introduce our Latin culture to the boba industry is what makes us unique. Being able to create drinks that our Latin community loves and being able to add some boba tea to the mix is a huge plus for us.

BB: What interesting fact would you like people to know about your shop? 
MTH: The most interesting fact that I would love our people to know is that every milk tea we do is nondairy and also we don’t start on your drink until it is ordered. We don’t carry any pre-made drinks, everything is done right there and then and every drink is made with love and joy.

Cookies and Cream Boba Float from Milkyway Tea House

BB: What's your favorite item from your menu?
MTH: I have a couple of favorite drinks on our menu. First, is our classic milk tea, which is called the “Stellar”. I love having it with boba and crushed Oreos. My second favorite drink is the "Nebula", it is one of our Boba Floats™ and it consists of taro milk tea and cookies-and-cream ice cream topped off with Captain Crunch cereal and caramel sauce. Last, but not least, our "Stratosphere", which consists of passionfruit, peach and mango green tea, but instead of green tea I prefer it with black tea. It's super delicious, especially with aloe vera.

Thank you Milkyway Tea House for sharing your story with us. We hope to get to the West Coast soon to try your amazing Boba Float™. 

Just before the pandemic, Milkway was in the process of relocating their shop, so check their Instagram page for current hours and location.

Special thanks to @BobaRamenBeer for introducing us to Milkyway Tea house.

Boba Float and Squirtle, Image by @BobaRamenBeer

Images courtesy of Milkyway Tea House and @BobaRamenBeer.

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