Boba Shop Profile: Calita Cafe, Fullerton, CA

Located in Fullerton, California, Calita Cafe serves a variety of boba milk and fruit teas, a variety of coffee and food. They pride themselves on serving high-quality products made daily from fresh ingredients, and they are always creating innovative and delicious new recipes.


Calita Cafe's Variety of Fruit & Milk Teas


After seeing all of their colorful drinks on Instagram, with their super cute bear logo, Bitsy Boba spoke to Calita Cafe to learn more about their story.


Bitsy Boba: Why did you decide to open a boba shop?

Calita Cafe: Passion and falling in love after my first time trying boba and mango slush. I decided to venture into the industry and learn the most about these amazing drinks. We especially love the Taiwanese style popcorn chicken and wanted to know more about it.  

BB: What do you enjoy most about running your shop?
CC: Meeting and greeting people who also love to venture into this new trendy drink here in the U.S. We know that it originated in Taiwan and has evolved here and became more stylish. We love all the fruit teas and love to share our passion for these drinks with more people. 


Calita Cafe Strawberry Boba


BB: What separates your boba shop from others? 

CC: We use fresh fruits when we prepare our fruity tea drinks. We pick the finest loose tea leaves from all over the world to satisfy even the pickiest tea connoisseurs. We have teas from Taiwan, Sri Lanka and some even from the high mountain area of Taiwan. 


BB: What kind of experience do you hope your customers gain from your shop?

CC: Tasting and helping your taste buds to experience the special spices from Asia and other regions. We would also love our customers to taste the tea culture we have long enjoyed. Fruits and tea, slushies and frozen fruits. Boba and brown sugar. Milk and brown-sugar coated boba. All these great combinations are awaiting for you to come and try them all.


BB: What's your favorite item on your menu?
CC: Some of our favorite drinks are the guava green tea, mangonada (a very popular mango sorbet) and our Thai tea slushie. 

Mangonada Drink at Calita Cafe
BB: What interesting fact would you like people to know about your shop?
CC: Come and taste these amazing taste food and teas from Formosa island.  We are sure your taste buds will love it. 

Thank you Calita Cafe for sharing your amazing story and commitment to providing customers with premium boba drinks and food.

Please give them a follow on Instagram, check out their website or stop by if you're looking for a premium boba shop in Fullerton, California.


Calita Cafe
444 N Harbor Blvd. Suite 116
Fullerton, CA 92832

All images courtesy of Calita Cafe.

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